Comb 2 v's Stocksbridge 1 (A) - 17/1/13

As the temperatures plummeted and the snow came down Combined 2 headed to Stocksbridge for what was always going to be a tough away fixture.  The evening didn't start well, and really didn't get much better.  

This isn't stocksbridge or Sheffield but Jasper NP, Canada, a much better view than our miserable faces! 
After poisoning the opposition (yet again) with Deep Heat, Cat and Lesley had to halt their game with the first rubber in the bag.  Unfortunatley their lady had to retire as she has severe reactions to above mentioned product.  After some discussion and an incredible sporting gesture by Captain Dave, a sub was allowed to continue in her place.  This made the game alot tougher and eventually we lost out in 3 ends.  

Dave H and Deepak and Dave H and Dave W didn't fair any better against very strong chaps of Stocksbridge.  So after the levels we were 4-0 down.  It didn't get any better as we were totally outclassed in the mixed games too.  So a disappointing 9-0 plastering by a consistently good side.