Comb 2 v's Stocksbride 1 (A) - 17/1/13

Version 2 - from Dave W's viewpoint...

A cold and snowy Thursday evening saw Combined 2 travel up to Stocksbridge 1 looking to gain some level of revenge for an 8-1 defeat earlier in the season.  With the weather causing a delay in the arrival of some team members on both sides there was a delay in the start of the match.  A slight change to the order of the side saw Dave H & Deepak take the court and struggle to quite get ahead of their opponents in 2 tight ends.  On the other court Lesley & Cat took the first game, which followed by a delay as one of the home side had an allergic reaction to some spray and Dave H graciously agreed to allow a substitute.  This proved an a turning point as the replacement helped her partner overturn the first end to win in 3.

Dave H & Dave W then paired up for the first time in match conditions and struggled to get going against a pair who got most shots back whilst also having strong kill shots themselves.  Lesley & Jane also struggled in their game meaning that going into the mixed we trailed 4-0.  This didn't improve much as the night drifted on, the court conditions not helped by the air conditioning insisting on blowing snow into the hall during games.  Cat & Deepak couldn't take either of their mixed against 2 strong pairs, neither could Dave W & Jane (although they struggled more against the 3rd pair before taking the 2nd pair close).  With Dave H & Lesley also not being able to take their game we unfortunately succumbed to a 9-0 defeat.  With plenty of games left to go it is still all to play for in terms of securing our place in the division for next season.