Comb 1 v's Notts Northern (A) - 13/1/13

A sunday night away match at notts northern saw a repeat of the fixture that Ranmoor won at home 5-4 in their first game of the season.  We took to the court hoping to replicate the exploits of the baltimore ravens who knocked off the number one seeded denver broncos Saturday night in the NFL. Due to Claire getting lost with 3 of the other members of the team in her car, Karen and Rich played their mixed game first as the only people to arrive on time!  This was the first solid win of the night for Ranmoor as they took it in straight sets. with the arrival of the other two ladies and other two men, they paired up and took to the court.  The mens won theirs in straight ends but the ladies lost out in a close 3 ender.

with the score at 2-1, the level pairs roated.  Rich and Ravi won theirs in 2 but the ladies lost out in 2 ends, falling to 19 in the second in a match that could have gone either way.  This left the scores at 3-2 with 4 mixed left! it was then that Ranmoor took the initiative and with it the scoreline.  Karen and Rich wrapped up their second mixed comfortably and Sam and Claire picked up both of theirs in strong fashion.  Ravi and Helen put up a good fight but ultimately fell short to s strong pair.

A strong 6-3 victory for Ranmoor sees us further show our worth in the first division, some tough teams coming up, hopefully out good performance continue into these match ups. well done on the night everyone.  Next stop broomgrove, with Dave W stepping in for Ravi and number 1 man.  

Special mention to Mick, hope you have a speedy recovery and we all see you soon.