Comb 2 v's Stocksbridge 1 - 3/12/12

A busy night was on the menu as both Combined 1 and 2 took to the courts at Ecclesfield last night.  After finally getting into the store cupboard, Combined 2 hosted Stocksbridge 1 which we knew was always going to be a tough ask after only beating Stocksbridge 2 narrowly.  With Dave H running late, we got the ladies and mens games underway.  Despite fighting to a third end, Jane and Cat missed out on a point as did Deepak and Dave W.  

Things didn't get much better in the mixed as we soon learnt that Stocksbridge 1 were going to proove too tough to match, with Dave and Lesley struggling with their execution.  We were playing all the right shots, just not necessarily in the right order!  

A consolation point was recovered by Deepak and Cat (both nursing injuries) as the night came to a close in an 8-1 defeat.  Well played Stocksbridge 1, a promotion contender.  Unlucky guys, we were out classed this time.