Comb 1 v's Paces - 3/12/12

A third outing for Combined 1 in the first division saw a home game against a well known Paces team on monday night. With the familiar paces team now bolstered by new man Alex, who opted for Paces over Ranmoor at the start of the season the affair was sure to be highly competitive. The first level doubles went to three ends but both Claire and Helen and Sam and Ravi lost out in their final ends sending us 2-0 down early on. The level doubles being our achilles heel so far this year we knew we had our strong mixed to come but wanted to get something out of the remaining 2 doubles matches.

Karen and Helen went on as did Ravi and Rich. The ladies had an easier time taking theirs in straight ends to 12 and 14. The men on the other hand went 8-1 down and things looked bleak. They then found some instant form and found a 10-10 score line before winning 22-20 from 20-18 down! They then took charge and won the second to 12 with a solid performance.

With the level doubles over and 2-2 scoreline we headed into our usually much stronger mixed games. This proved the case again as we won a flawless 5 from 5 mixed games. Shout out for Rich and Karen who won their respective doubles matches with Ravi and Helen then went on to pair up and continue their unbeaten record conceding just 7 and 8 and 7 and 10 in their 4 mixed ends. A great 7-2 result overall against a strong Paces team.

Now two wins from three and one more game left this year before the christmas break. Well done to everyone, what a performance in the mixed doubles to win them all!