Ladies v's Broomgrove (H) - 26/11/12

Ranmoor Ladies welcomed old and new when Broomgrove came to visit for a potential title decider in Ladies Division 2.  Broomgrove were relegated from the top division last year, and came with old Ranmoor members Sonja and Ada as part of the team. 

The not-too-subtle Facebook prediction from Steve came true with the ladies “shunted” to the dark side of the court without a coin toss!  There remain the indentation of some ladies badminton trainers deep into the nether regions of some of the guys as retribution!  To further pay back the men, the ladies tried to steal one of their players, but unfortunately the opposition team noticed (see photo).
New lady member for Ranmoor!
Ranmoor were a little fortunate to get six players out because captain Karen was missing with the flu, meaning no captain, no scorecard, no water and no biscuits!  There were  two strokes of luck here – firstly, Lesley managed to cancel her cinema trip at the 11th hour to play, and the ladies managed to launch some covert raids into the enemy ranks to steak some Penguins from the guys!  This though did cause some consternation with one of the men’s opposing pairs, who were in a bit of a mood as their match slipped away so began complaining about the “traffic” from the ladies towards the penguins and the water point!

Onto the match and number 1 pair for the night Lesley and Helen went into bat against the opponent’s captain Sonja playing with the very pleasant Jane who was deputising for an injured teammate.  Lesley and Helen conceded just 12 points across the 2 games and then also eased through the remaining 4 games of the night, conceding no more than 16 points in any game.

Claire and Jane were also first up against old friend Ada and her partner Becca. This proved a titanic tussle but Ranmoor edged the first end in “extra time” and the second was also tight, but was won to 18.  The Ranmoor pair then stepped it up a notch in their new pairing and got through the remaining 4 ends not conceding more than 16 points, and came away with a 100% record.

Ladies catch Sam trying to look up their skirts!
Third pair Cindy and Cat started off against Broomgrove’s third pair, Sam and Sally, and by the time this game had finished, it was nearly morning and the sun was coming up!  Having been well beaten in the first end to 11, the grit and determination kicked in, and the second end swung back and forth eventually being won 27-25 to Ranmoor!  Having broken the resistance, Cindy and Cat swept up the third end with ease.  Just a gentle warm up to the night – not!  The other two games were not as problematic, being won by at least 4 points, so Cat and Cindy joined the other girls with a 100% record for the night!
So a superb 9-0 victory to Ranmoor against probably our hardest opponents this season!  Well played to all, and what a lovely, friendly team Broomgrove are, with no shortage of talent.  Best of luck for this season Broomgrove, and hopefully we will see you in Division 1 next year!