Comb 1 v's Abbeydale 1 (A) - 11/11/12

The Combined 1 team had their first away game of the season against Abbeydale 1. This side were last years league runners up and promised to be a tough test.  With Ravi absent through illness, Dave W stepped into his spot to field a full 6.  The matches were a lot closer than we had anticipated and Abbeydale were not simply sweeping us to one side.  The men picked up both of their doubles games with Dave W playing at number 1.  The women narrowly lost out in both of theirs with Karen and Helen going to 3 ends in their eventual defeat.

Team snack Freddo's are the key!
The mixed was again a split game.  Karen and Rich maintained their unbeaten run from last season (still having never dropped an end together for Ranmoor in their history playing for the club).  They dispatched of both mixed pairs conceding no more than 12 in an end across the 4 ends.  Claire and Sam narrowly missed out on both of theirs (losing on in a tight 3 ender).  This left Dave and Helen as a make shift pair needing the win at 4 - 4 to take the match.  They fought valiantly but ultimately fell again in 3 ends and allowing Abbeydale 1 the 5 - 4 win.  Special mention for Dave W for stepping in and taking both of his mens matches.

A disappointing first lost for Ranmoor but ultimately against one of last year’s strongest sides in the top division.  Mosborough next, let’s try and do some damage!  This Abbeydale team beat them last season!