Ranmoor 1 v's Notts Northern (Comb) - 1st Oct 12

The opening game of the season for Combined 1 came at home on Monday night at Ecclesfield. Our first game in the top flight of the combined leagues faced us off against last years 4th placed Notts Northern.

New pair Ravi & Helen
With a full strength but new line-up following the departure of Sarah and Ferg, last seasons 4 of Karen, Claire, Sam and newly appointed captain Rich were joined by new comers Helen and Ravi.

The opening 4 games of level doubles saw Ranmoor take just one game, coming from new pair Rich and Ravi in the mens. This left us 3-1 down with the 5 mixed to play and a serious European Ryder Cup style come back required!

Of the final 5 mixed games we managed to take 4, with Claire and Sam and Rich and Karen each taking both of their mixed games for the first win of the season 5-4! With the comeback complete Sam was able to calm down just before he literally ‘bricked it’. Kudos to Sam and Claire who had to go on and win the final game and our 5th with the score at 4 - 4.

Sam and Claire winning the crucial last point
A great debut for Helen and Ravi also who have had to step up 2 divisions in standard from last season after their promotions from the 2nd teams, only just missing out on their mixed game together in 3 ends. And Karen and Rich carry over their unbeaten run in the Sheffield league into the new season…but for how much longer can it continue??!

Thanks for the support of everyone who came down to club night and some great coaching from Dave H during the games. Our first win under our belt, lets push on and have a great season!

Combined 1 new team captain Rich celebrates first victory with the team (minus Ravi!)