Mens 1 v's Oakbrook - 15th Oct 12

The Mens 1 team started their campaign in division 2 by bringing Tapton neighbours Oakbrook 1 up to Ecclesfield.  The team had a similar look to last year, although the departed Ferg was replaced by Ravi (forming a new pairing with Sam). The match started strongly with all 3 pairs winning their opening games, Ravi & Sam having the biggest win out of the group by winning 12 & 16.

Rich W & Dave H continued where they had left off last season, Rich even got his hair cut into a flash new bob to help his streamlining, by winning all 3 of their games in straight ends whilst Dave W & Andy won their 1st but couldn't overcome either of the 2 stronger pairs, going down in straight ends despite playing quite well in places.  Sam & Ravi had the most interesting game, taking their 2nd match to 3 ends by winning the middle end 28-26 but couldn't finish off in the last end, although they battled back to take their final game for a winning record.
Captain Dave W celebrates with Men's 1 team

So a solid start in a new division sees a 6-3 win, roll on next weeks visit of Abbeydale 2.  Thanks to those who offered support to us either in person or via regular facebook updates.  Mens 1 support the COYLE FOR BURNLEY campaign, bring back the chosen one.