Mens 1 v's Jaguar 2 (A) - 29/10/12

Mens 1 took in their first away trip of the season with a visit to last years promotion partners, although the opposition was showing a few changes from last years line up (a bit of juggling going on between their teams).  With Andy having made it to the right venue we got started on 3 courts & found ourselves in a different position to previous matches.  All 3 1st round games went to 3 ends with only Dave W & Andy managing to get the win.

With Rich & Dave H suffering their first loss of the season against the Jaguar 1st pair, going down in 3 ends after a change of tactics by their opponents caught them napping, & Sam & Ravi also succumbing, having failed to fully adjust to the hall surroundings, it left an upward battle.  The second round of games saw a return to form for Rich & Dave, winning 11 & 10 against the 2nd pair, while Ravi & Sam lost the 1st end before battling back to win 18 & 7 against the 3rd pair.  An even game on the other court saw Dave W & Andy narrowly lose out in both ends against the 1st pair 19 & 17.

So with the scores tied at 3-3 a team peptalk was instigated & the fighting spirits summoned up.  The team all walking back onto court as one unit must have got the home side worried as all 3 of our pairs were now psyched up.  Dave H & Rich were the 1st to finish their game, taking the 3rd pair out 9 & 15.  That was swiftly followed by Dave W & Andy securing the win by winning 16 & 12.  Just to prove they weren't just along for the ride Sam & Ravi also took their game 19 & 17 to turn a tough looking match into a 6-3 victory.

Another strong team performance & a continuation of the winning start to the season, can we make it 4 from 4 next week at home to Nomads.  Player of the match goes to Andy Cox for managing to arrive at the correct venue at the first attempt & then putting in a stellar performance in winning 2 out of 3 games. Loving the camaraderie that helps us get through these tougher matches, keep it up boys!