Ladies vs Oakbrook - 22nd October

In a night that saw us share the hall with the Men's 1 team, the Ladies proved that being relegated to the 'dark side' of the hall wouldn't distract us from continuing a winning start to the season.

The newly formed Oakbrook Ladies team arrived with a couple of familiar faces - including a previous member of Ranmoor. Claire and captain Karen started things off well, finishing the first game quickly, followed by Cat and Cindy taking the second point.

An unfortunate injury to the opposition half way through their second end against Cat and Cindy meant this game and one other had to be conceded. New pair Helen and Jane put in another strong performance not dropping an end in taking all three points.

Don't worry Cat - the new shirts have arrived!
Encouraged by the support by the Kelly's all the way from Canada (check the Facebook page!), the Ladies completed the night with a 9-0 victory. Well played everyone! Next up - Grenhilheg in November.