Mens 2 Away v's Graves 26th Sept 12 – “Bearing” their Teeth

After their promotion last season, the Mens 2 team bravely chose to start the season with a September away match against Graves, the team who inflicted our only defeat last season, 6-3.

The team had extensive changes with old captain Ravi now promoted into the first team, Alistair unavailable, and new captain Steve spending a few weeks in Canada and writing this match report on behalf of the team from the Rockies!

With Rob, who was tipped to have a breakthrough season, also unavailable, the team comprised four of last season’s stalwarts along with two debutants, “old codger” Mick (his words not mine!) and Nathan, who promise to bring experience, skill, commitment and humour into the club!

I must warn you though, the “staple diet” at the moment here in Canada is wildlife and beer, so this match report may be a bit off kilter, with too much observing one, and too much drinking the other!

Graves are a strong side at home, last season the hall played quick and we could not get to grips with it, losing 6-3. This season, we went one worse, unfortunately coming out on the wrong end of a 7-2 scoreline, which included an injury retirement from Graves (their second injury on the trot facing us), gifting us a rubber.

Their strong first pair of the Grizzly and Bald Eagle took all three rubbers, but the Coyote and Racoon struggled, and lost one game to Jamie and Richard in straight ends, before squeezing past our other two pairs in three. The third pair of the Otter and Wolf had looked to be surging through with five games won on the trot, but injury to the Otter caused a retirement, giving Jamie and Richard another rubber! The final result, 7-2 to the home side, and congratulations from Ranmoor for their first win in a tough new division, hopefully ours will not be far behind!

Man of the Match performance (after consulting with the spies in the camp) goes to Jamie, after missing the last match at home to Graves and coming back with Richard and scoring at least 15 points in every game! No ring of rage today we suspect…..

Well done also to our two debutants, Nathan and Mick, playing in a very tough away fixture against a newly promoted side full of confidence, in a new pair. Well done too to Jethron and Deepak for helping them through it and also trying out new pairs with the new guys. This experience will help us in the season ahead!

We end with the sad announcement that due to a misprint at the fixtures meeting, we have had to cancel our fixture with Wisewood, meaning our next match is in November, with a very symbolic Canada meaning, away to “Beaver” Hill. Surely….it is a sign?