Dave H
Level I Qualified Coach
Badminton Association of England

Rich W and Dave H are keen to encourage anyone in the club who is interested to learn some new skills through a series of informal coaching sessions to be agreed throughout the season.

The Committee have discussed coaching in detail at a recent meeting and for those who want to progress, will offer 3 levels of coaching.
·         Running all the time we will offer Mentors for 1 on 1 coaching involving a specific aspect of the game. EG we have one member who would like help with the return of a drive or flick serve as they had recently been caught out in a match. We will therefore allocate a Mentor to help with that for the several weeks it will take to practice that return. It needn't take more than 10 minutes a night. We have another request for help with Combined technique in the mixed section. If you would like a Mentor please see me or Ravi or any Committee member. We have 6 volunteer Mentors at the minute. First come first served.
Again, do not worry if you just want a good thrash on club night, none of this is compulsory.